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5 Benefits of Direct Marketing: Better than Local Marketing

local marketing direct marketingWhen it comes to local businesses, direct marketing campaigns can bring in sales and new customers. As opposed to broadcast or mass marketing, local direct marketing, as the term implies, targets your customer directly. This is more suited to local businesses as broadcast marketing covers a general audience, most of which might not even be the appropriate target market for small businesses. This type of marketing requires clear communication and messaging in the campaign, as well as creative ways to market your business to get the attention of customers. If you are unsure on how to promote your business locally using direct marketing, please call the professionals at New Neighbor Welcome Service Inc to help you with creative ways to market your business and proven local marketing strategies.  Call 919-809-0220 and one of the professionals will answer any questions you may have.

How Direct Marketing Helps Local Businesses

local marketing apexThere are several benefits that local businesses get by using direct marketing:

  1. It uses targeted advertising. A good marketing campaign can tailor the message to fit specific audiences, and for specific products and services. This is great for small, local businesses if they want to promote their bestselling items, or if they want to introduce new products or services. The business ensures that only potential customers in the local area are targeted, spending valuable marketing dollars wisely.
  2. It can improve customer relations and loyalty. Since the campaign can be personalized, a business can build relationships with new customers. Customer relations is essential, especially for a local business aiming to thrive within the community. When a business nurtures its relationships with its existing customers, they become repeat customers, improving business loyalty. Word-of-mouth marketing then becomes another promotional channel, a good secondary strategy for local businesses. And with today’s technology, going viral online allows you to expand your brand awareness further, without spending a single penny.
  3. local marketing caryIt is timely. Direct marketing campaigns often have faster production and turnaround times compared to broadcast advertising. Emails and paid advertisements on social media are quick, as are commercial printers that print out direct mail for customers. This is good for seasonal promotions or to take advantage of a one-time or unexpected event. With most, if not all, people owning mobile phones, you can easily send an SMS to customers with a click of a button.
  4. It is easy to monitor and evaluate results. With direct marketing, you can easily track and measure responses and results. You have control over whom you send out marketing materials to, and are able to see their responses. These can be used for future marketing campaigns as research. Additionally, you will be able to see which of your products or services appeal to which customers, and which approach suits them best. More importantly, you will be able to calculate your return on investment to evaluate whether or not your campaign is effective, and adjust accordingly.
  5. It is cost-effective. Local direct marketing is a good marketing strategy for small businesses since it is more cost-effective than mass marketing, and most of the time, cheaper. Not only can you ensure that you reach only those people you want to reach, but you also know how much you are spending for each potential customer. Moreover, several direct marketing channels are inexpensive. You only need to develop good content that will attract the attention of your customers.

Why Direct Marketing is Better than Mass Marketing

local marketing mouth referralsBefore, direct mail and telemarketing were the only forms of direct marketing available. Then came direct response advertising, and finally, the Internet. The growth of direct marketing may be traced back to the growth of the Internet, along with such factors as costs of mass marketing, and the fast pace of life that made consumers more busy now than ever.

In terms of marketing for local businesses, direct marketing offers an advantage in that it takes less time and money, it is more adaptable, and the tools available for measuring results are better and easier to understand. Plus, it allows businesses to “fail” cheaply—when direct marketing does not generate as much engagement as expected, you can always try again with little to no added cost. A failed television commercial would more likely pull down sales fast, and expensive damage control would be needed. This is a problem that small, local businesses might never recover from.

Another advantage is that businesses can communicate directly with their customers. Customers can inquire about a product or service, and you can respond right away. This is as direct as direct marketing can go. Direct communication not only allows you to build a relationship with them, it also serves as feedback for your business. This is an important edge of direct marketing  over mass marketing.

In short, leave the broadcast advertising and marketing to companies willing to spend thousands of dollars on local advertising. As a local business, you will benefit far more from direct marketing.

How to Market Your Business Using Direct Marketing

local marketing target customerResearch is essential in creating a good direct marketing campaign for your business. You must first identify who your target customers are, where they live, and what their lifestyle is about. Matching your products and services to the right customers is crucial in developing an effective campaign strategy.

Next, you must come up with a message that will sell your products or services effectively to your target market. Local advertising companies can assist you in crafting an effective message that will not only capture the attention of customers, but increase sales as well. Direct marketing campaigns that work often use a strong call-to-action, getting a potential customer to act on an offer or a message. Creativity in this stage will boost responses from your target market.

You must also decide which advertising medium you will use for your campaign. This usually depends on the nature of your business as well as your intended audience.

Given the right message and medium to the right audience, local direct marketing can be the best way to promote your business locally. The benefits are substantial, and with the right mix of marketing channels and strategies, your business may very well be on its way to becoming the community’s top provider.

Best Way to Advertise Locally

local marketing homesLooking for the best way to advertise locally?  New Neighbor Welcome Service Inc provides the most efficient local marketing strategy, hands down.  New Neighbor Welcome Service sends a professional who is also a local resident out to your potential customers homes to introduce them to your business.  Because these are new homeowners, they usually don’t have allegiances to businesses in the area.  That means you have the potential of creating loyalty with a new customer.  With this brand of direct marketing, your target market receives a recommendation for your business from a local resident.

New Neighbor Welcome Service can help you with creative advertising ideas and what kind of marketing materials to use.  Local advertising has never been better than word-of-mouth referrals and that is just what this local marketing agency provides.

To start making sure your marketing dollars get you in front of your target market, call New Neighbor Welcome Service today at 919-809-0220.