Who will visit me?

New Neighbor Welcome Service has a team of greeters.  The New Neighbor greeters are knowledgeable about everything from how to get a new driver’s license to who makes the best pizza in town.  They have traveled, shopped and selected services for their own households and look forward to sharing with new residents.  All of our greeters enjoy people and are compassionate about the many challenges that newcomers face.  We want to help you to feel at home and welcome in your new surroundings.

What kind of information is included?

The information included in the welcome basket varies by locality, but each area has common categories.  The presentation will begin with needed information about your community.  You may receive maps, a brochure from the Department of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina travel information, a local newspaper and brochures about town services.  Because it is an area of such great need, we also bring materials with details about health care professionals in your area.  Business classifications include financial services, purveyors of household goods, maintenance services and beauty professionals.  Many of the greeters are clients of these businesses and can give you first-hand testimonials of their experience.

How long will the visit take?

Greeters are committed to being sensitive to your time frame.  A minimal visit will take about twenty minutes.  If you have a more relaxed time expectation, however, we are willing to take time to fully explain each opportunity and answer all your questions.  This can be done in thirty to forty-five minutes.

Does it cost anything?  Will you try to sell me anything?

The welcome visit is a free service for new residents, and the greeters do not sell anything to newcomers.  This is simply an informational visit with the benefit of personal contact.  Greeters can assist you with any questions that you may have.  Make sure to take a break from your boxes and treat yourself to this informal visit.  We look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you to your community!