How To Market My Business

A Comprehensive Guide To Promoting Your Brand’s Products And Services

How to market my business?

how to market my business strategyThe promotion of a brand’s products and services play a crucial role in helping a business succeed. Without initiating adequate marketing tactics, a company’s target market would have no way of knowing about what the brand has to offer. Finding the right ways to promote your products and services is quite simply, a must. One study found that up to 63% of companies find that their most challenging aspect of marketing lies in generating leads to their business. The same report explains that 40% of modern-day businesses are still finding it challenging to tact their ROI on the marketing efforts they implement effectively.

Those are two common issues that companies are facing. With a couple of simple principles, however, finding the right ways to advertise a product or determining how to market a service become easier. In this post, we’ll share some essential steps that need to be taken to ensure products and services can be promoted effectively, without wasting any of your brand’s marketing budget.

How To Market My Business Via a New Product

First up, let’s discuss the techniques that can be used to get people to recognize a new product that your brand has launched. Announcing a new product is an exciting time for any brand, but without adequate exposure, a can product to go unnoticed and sales will suffer.

Use A “Bait”

One of the best ways to lure in customers is to use a product as a “bait.” Not only can this help to increase awareness for a new product, but this type of strategy can also be useful in driving more leads and customers to your entire business.

Set up a landing page or another type of promotional campaign – offer people the ability to subscribe early on if they wish to get a “sneak peek” into what the product you are about to launch will offer them. Do this well before you launch the product. Those people will feel exclusive – and once they do get the preview, they will be more inclined to buy from you – and refer their friends, after bragging about being the first to gain access, of course.

Social Media Promotion

how to market my business social mediaSocial media should always play a big part in your marketing campaigns – whether you are trying to learn how to advertise your business or just a new product you are launching. There are over 1.32 billion people who log into Facebook every day and more than two billion people log in at least once every month. One recent report revealed that up to 93% of marketers have turned to Facebook as an advertising platform already. Facebook can be a great platform to market your business.

However, do not limit your marketing efforts on social media to Facebook alone. Even though this is still the 2nd most significant social platform out there, do not forget about Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even Google Plus. Use all the tools that are available to you to help expand your reach and get more people to notice your business.

How to Market My Business Offline?

how to market my business offlineWhen looking for some excellent product marketing ideas, it is vital not to overlook the potential of offline marketing. As we are moving to a digital world, businesses often tend to turn all their focus toward online marketing. This means they are now missing out on physical promotional opportunities.

There are different strategies that can be used for offline marketing. Try setting up an event – perhaps a fun day for families. You can always go the corporate route and set up a more sophisticated event. For this type of strategy to be effective, you need to consider who your customer audience really is, what these people do, and what type of event would be most attractive to them.


Who doesn’t love winning something – for free? Everyone does! And your brand can most certainly take advantage of this fact. Whether trying to learn how to promote a product or a service – a contest can be a great way to expand your reach beyond your target market alone. You can decide to put one, two, or even ten of your new products (or services) up for grabs. Start to promote the competition. Don’t make it difficult to enter, as this would discourage people from entering.

Here’s a little trick – when someone enters, tell them that they should share your competition with their friends for an extra chance to win. You could give them a reference code or even a special link to use when emailing or texting the link to friends. This would encourage more people to share details about your competition. While you may be giving away some products or services, you will gain the eyes of thousands in turn.

Influencer Marketing Tactics

While learning how to advertise your product, think about how you are influenced. Even as a marketing manager or even CEO of a large corporation, you are still human – and you buy products and services too. Chances are, you have fallen for the old influencer marketing trick before – but don’t stress, as now it is your turn to use this technique.

Find people in your industry who are popular authorities. There is no need to go big if you are a small business or just getting started. Hit Instagram and look for people who frequently post photos about products or services related to what you offer. Search Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms too. Many of these people would be willing to help you promote your products. You should be smart, however. Do not ask them to promote your product explicitly. Rather tell them to mention it briefly in a video or add it to one or two photos. This will make it look less like an advertisement rather than a personal suggestion from the influencer.

How To Market My Business With Direct Marketing

how to market my business everywhereLocal direct marketing is still one the best forms of marketing. Getting a personal recommendation for your business is the best form of direct marketing. Many citation companies have done studies proving consumers listen to reviews when planning to make a purchase. A personal recommendation is stronger than an online review. Finding a company like New Neighbor Welcome Service who can give your business a personal recommendation is one of the best ways to promote your products and services.

Final Words

Marketing a product or services, whether new or old, is important for any type of brand. There are many strategies that can be useful, but some businesses still tend to fail when – often they do not follow the right steps. Choosing one of the many professional business promotion services should be on your to-do list.

If you have questions about your options, call New Neighbor Welcome Service and let us help you design a plan to promote your business. You can reach us at 919-809-0220.