Moving Into New House Checklist

moving into new house checklist moving dayMoving into a new home? That’s definitely exciting! But apart from the perks of enjoying new real estate, a lot of things could go wrong if you’re not well-prepared.

Note that preparation is not just about the month, the week, or the day before the moving date. It also includes the first few days you spend in your new home.

To make sure you’re fully-prepared for every stage of the moving-in process, here’s a moving into a new house checklist that you can use to make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Moving Into A New House Checklist

A Month or Two Before Moving Day

moving into new house checklist moving companyYou may think that the special day is too far off, but in reality, starting now is the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Choose your moving company. Do research on who can give you the best rates while still delivering excellent services.
  • Think about a good welcome service. This could be a huge help in avoiding and dealing with the possible bumps you might encounter along the way. They could also give you a clearer picture on what your new home checklist should look like.
  • Start sorting your things. Think about what to keep and what to get rid of. Start organizing garage sales or listing down who deserves to be given some of the things you think you can live without.
  • Gather packing supplies like boxes, tape, labels, etc.
  • Measure your furniture to help you figure out which of your stuff will be hardest to move. This will also help you rethink about what you’ll be bringing, because some of them may not fit into your new place.
  • Put together all critical documents you need.

Remember that these are the steps that you can’t rush. Cramming on any of these will result in missing items and wasted resources.


2-3 Weeks Before Moving Day

moving into new house checklist paperworkBy now, you’re starting to feel the pressure and excitement of moving into your new home. If you followed through on the list of things you needed to do a month or two before, this part of the ordeal should go smoothly. Otherwise, you’ll be left with both the previous list and the following list to take care of – and trust me, that’s just not ideal.

  • Start taking care of the paperwork. Inform concerned parties and agencies about your change of address.
  • Review your moving plans. Start factoring in what to put where in your new place. This should help you declutter a bit more in case you realize that there’s just not enough stuff for other things.
  • Buy less groceries. Remember that anything you don’t consume come moving day would either have to be packed with the rest of your things or left to spoil.

This will also be a good time for you to start meeting up with friends in case you’re moving far away. Sure, there’s technology to keep you updated with each other’s lives. But nothing beats good old coffee or dinner dates where priceless moments are formed.


A Week Before Moving Day

moving into new house checklist cleaningIt’s crunch time! Now, the real work begins.

  • Start packing the things you’ve included in your “to bring” pile. If you haven’t segregated your stuff yet, then you should know that this makes the task doubly hard.
  • Transfer your utilities. You wouldn’t want to be left paying for utilities you aren’t using, or end up moving to a home where the utilities are not even working yet.
  • Start cleaning. You don’t just take care of cleaning your new home to make it livable – you have to worry about the home you’ll be vacating as well. Paint the walls if needed.

At this point, you might start feeling overwhelmed. You’re thinking about two things now – the home you’re leaving, and the home you’re moving into. Just take things in stride.


The Day Before Moving

By now, you’ll have piles of boxes lying around. Just make sure you’ve arranged them in a way that the movers won’t have a hard time wading through everything. Start packing your essentials as well. Defrost your freezer, too.


The Big Day

moving into new house checklist the moveThis is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. If there’s furniture that would need disassembling, start working on that first thing. You should also be ready to explain to the movers how you want things done. Make a final walkthrough in your old home.

Once you get to your new home, here are a few things you have to take care of.

  • Check the entire area for anything that needs immediate attention, like leaky faucets or broken cabinet doors.
  • Photograph your new utility meters.
  • Give instructions on which boxes should go where.
  • Keep track of your inventory. Make sure that all boxes and furniture are where they should be. Take note of missing boxes.
  • Change the locks.
  • Set the heating and cooling.
  • Unpack your essentials.
  • Start plugging in the major appliances.
  • Start with the initial cleanup.

Don’t forget to take some quiet time for yourself as well. You need as much clarity as you can soak up to get things done the right way. This is also the perfect time for you to work with your chosen welcome service.


After the Move

moving into new house checklist meet new neighborsCongratulations! You have successfully moved into your new home. But the work doesn’t stop there! If anything, you’ve only accomplished half of what’s on the agenda.

  • Put everything in its proper place. There’s no deadline to this – it isn’t surprising for this part to take so much time, especially if you have so much stuff and so much space. Just remember that the faster you do this, the easier for you to move around.
  • Take note of what’s missing. There may be things you need to buy, like additional shelves or a new table for the breakfast nook you plan on putting on the patio.
  • Start meeting your new neighbors! For someone who just moved into the neighborhood, it’s imperative that you meet as many potential friends as possible. These people can make the transition easier and more fun! Again, your welcome service should be able to help you lay out some plans on how to meet new neighbors.
  • Get to know the neighborhood. Check out gyms and local grocers. Find out what restaurants are highly recommended.

Remember that moving into a new home involves a lot of work. But with the right checklist and the right timeline, you can save yourself from a lot of the headaches that perpetual crammers would often have.

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