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Newcomers want to learn about their new hometown, including the trusted businesses nearby. By including your business in our basket, we can showcase the very best the community has to offer. Newcomers are eager to find their “favorite” local restaurant, hair stylist, pet sitter, mechanic—all people providing services that will soon be familiar faces!

Exploring becomes a treasure hunt when local businesses load up newcomers with welcome gifts — or gift certificates to redeem later — after the boxes are unpacked. By sending your welcome gift, you join in with other local business owners, who send warm wishes while extending the gift of friendship through our representative’s welcome visit.

Consider what you can generously send to newcomers. Popular gifts include a free hair cut, oil change for their car, newspaper subscription, pet treat, or an invitation for ice cream…and you’ll be ushering in new friends who may need you someday!

Contact us to learn how your services can become a highlight during our one-on-one home visits.