Sponsor Testimonials

Dear Joy,

We, The Skin Institute, are a new business in town. We are from the West coast and therefore, did not know anyone or anything about this area. We remember how hard it was to figure out what was the best form of advertising for this demographic and we remember ourselves getting lost among this town and that.

New Neighbor Welcoming Service made sense for us.

It empowered new members of our community to be able to sort out their options. The good news is that we’ve heard newcomers CHOSE TSI FIRST AND FOREMOST, because a lovely woman came to their home and expressed her feeling about our business… AND IT HAS BEEN GREAT!
Not only do people provide us their email address for us to market to, but we receive phone calls from varies new neighbors wanting to book appts.
It has inspired us to expand to new area and see if other “new neighbors” would like our services.

We are glad for to have found New Neighbor Welcome Service.

Warmest regards,

Kristine Bockholdt
The Skin Institute
Apex, NC


NNWS Testimonial

I can’t believe I’ve already had 2 people come to my office to take advantage of the free consultation I offered through the New Neighbor Welcome Service. Joy and her team have been a great help to my small business. Not only did they help me decide what to put in the basket but they also helped me to follow up with emails and letters so I can get the most out of their service. And they accomplished all this at a price my small business can afford! Their service is just like getting a personal referral. Thank you so much!!!

Ellen Womack, Womack Accounting and Tax
Garner, NC


Hey Joy,

I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that the Home Show got about 50 tickets of the 500 returned, so that was really good!
In regards to the Women’s Show, are you interested in working with us again this year? We would love to if possible.

Happy Friday!

Emlyn Dunn
Southern Ideal Home Show
Southern Shows, Inc.