Yes, it was a lovely and fun visit with Jessica. I enjoyed all the coupons and information. I will do my best to keep them in mind when shopping around. I have used many already. I think your Welcome services are delightful!

Thank you once again.

Hope to hear from you about more events in town.

Susan L.
Fuquay Varina, NC
Thank you for the visit!
Tara did a wonderful job and we are so glad for her visit. Our family has used many of the coupons she brought. In fact, we enjoyed a comp. Chick-fil-A sandwich just last night. We simply made a local move but there are businesses in the area with which we were not familiar. We appreciate your welcome.
Melinda M. and family
Apex, NC
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the welcome visit. I found it to be very informative and will be utilizing several of the services. I was very excited to see the pottery and art classes offered and can’t wait to take them. Again thank you so very much!
Allison H.
Clayton, NC
Jessica was a total joy to visit with! I can’t wait to see her in the neighborhoodagain as our little cul-de-sac develops. It’s so nice to see familiar faces from
new friends we’ve made. She is an excellent representative for our darling little
town, and newbies can’t help but feel happy they’ve made FV their home!

Thanks for the email notice/reminder about our parade. I’m sure I would have
forgotten all about making it a calendar entry otherwise.

Blessings to you all,
Kari C.
Fuquay Varina, NC


Hi Debbie

Amy was great. She came over and provided me with enough information to last a life time. Since I have been in the Durham and Chapel Hill area for 20 years and just moved to Holly Springs it was great to get the information from Amy. I have visited several of the places in Holly Springs. My favorite place so far was the little gift store across the street from the shopping and restaurants in downtown Holly Springs – I can’t remember the name.

It is great to know where the American Tobacco Trails and the lakes. I have learned a lot about the history from the book I brought in that little store. It is a great book for people wanting to know the history of Holly Springs.
Hillary F.
Holly Springs, NC

The visit was very helpful and we have already frequented a couple of the places. The maps have been especially helpful since my husband is a cyclist. Also, we have enjoyed some of the parks and will look forward to enjoying the area more and more. This is a second home for us but know we will enjoy every minute we are in our townhome. Thanks for sending the welcome basket our way!

Barbara C.
Cary, NC

Dear New Neighbor,

It was a pleasant surprise to open the door and find SallyAnn standing there. I was not even aware there was a new neighbor welcome service in the area. What a great thing and how nice to have someone who knows what she’s talking about delivering all that great information and certificates.

From my experience with the visit I think you folks are doing a great job!

Jill G.
Garner, NC


Good morning,
I wanted to let you know that my visit with Becky was very much appreciated! She is a great match for this job; she has a very friendly personality and she was a wealth of information.
My husband and I are officially moving to our new home in Garner on Wednesday, Oct. 20th. You can be sure that as soon as we settle in I will be going over all the material Becky left with me. When I do use any of the businesses that were recommended, I will most definitely mention how I found them.
Thank you so much for the service you provide!
Vicki K.
Garner, NC

Yes Sue did stop by & we have enjoyed the Welcome Basket & the information was great!
I thought it was very nice to Welcome us to the area & Sue did a great job!

Lisa P.
Holly Springs, NC

Hi New Neighbor,
Yes I had a lovely visit from Brenda. The basket full of coupons are and will continue to be used.
Thank you for the beautiful welcome letter.
La Donna C.
Holly Springs, NC


Hi Joy,
Yes, Pam did visit us and was extremely pleasant and very helpful. She answered our questions and never made us feel that we were delaying her needlessly. We appreciate your follow-up. As we explained to Pam, we travel sometimes for business and family obligations so, we will not be able to attend this event you mentioned. However, we would appreciate any future news and information.
Many thanks to you and Pam for welcoming us and making us feel comfortable in our new home.
Arlene S.
Cary, NC